Friday, the 13th.


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Musings while I sip my cuppa tea. It’s almost noon on a cold Friday, here in Toronto. I took a break from my full-time job – Job Hunting. While I’m physically here, my heart strayed for a while…


The bracing green, it soothes my eyes. Fog and mist fill me up inside. I hasten to the windowpane, I wait for you all day in vain.

There’s an emptiness that fills my day, it’s in losing my path that I find my way. Carry me along or let me follow you there. Uphill where nomads lie on pastures all-day.

Then a drop of rain cascades from the sky, it rests on my shoulder and I chuckle inside. I shiver as I see you walk my way. I breathe, I smile…

Crash, Boom, bang! The brakes are out. Our paths have crossed and the lights are out. Your sunlit smile relieves the pain, not a word to say just priceless moments to gain.

I miss the sparkle in your gorgeous eyes, I miss the sniggers and grunts when you laugh and you cry. Take, hold my hand, and lead me on, to where beauty lies and the pain is gone. Let’s fly away!